Additional Onnik Karibyan ouds

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The date that the Onnik Karibyan oud to the right was made is a bit of a mystery, although all signs point to this being one of Onnik's very early ouds.  The label is in Turkish and Armenian, with the Turkish script being in the Arabic form that was used in Turkey prior to the conversion to the Latin alphabet in 1928.  So, it was definitely made prior to 1929.  The bridge has been changed, as the original was designed for only a single treble string, which was typical of ouds from that time period.    Replaced pick guard.  Maple and walnut bowl.  19 staves, typical of Manol's style--Karibyan would later use 21 staves on his bowls.

The Armenian portion of the label reads:

Onnik Karibyan
Bolis Eurivciler Kapusi Kusakci Han Tiv 4





Photographs of Onnik Karibyan oud to the right courtesy of Tasos Theodorakis.  ( .  Original.  21 staves.



Photographs to the right are courtesy of master luthier Dincer Dalkilic,  Label in Ottoman Turkish and Armenian.  Soundboard has been replaced, as has a portion of the beard (necklace).  Remainder of oud, including rosettes and mizraplek,  original.



Original except for mizraplek (pick guard) and internal pickup.



To the right, photographs of an Onnik Karibyan oud from the 1960s owned by oudist John Vartan, and selected for Vartan by Udi Hrant (  Photographs courtesy of John Vartan.



Photographs courtesy Armen Sevag (   Extended fingerboard likely not original to instrument.



Completely original.



Photographs courtesy of Armen Sevag, who performs with the Aravod Ensemble (  Completely original except for pegs, pickup, and mizraplek (pick guard).



Original except for mizraplek (pick guard).



To the right, the very last oud made by Karibyan.  Completely original, although a hole has been drilled into the tail block for placement of a pickup.

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