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The following links, dealing with the oud and middle eastern music, are all highly recommended.  This list is in no way definitive, and it is not meant to be. It is just a collection of sites that I like a lot, or sites of musicians that put out great music.  There are other incredible oudists that don't have websites, so please don't consider this a complete list by any means.

General Oud Sites

Arabic Ouds  This is a fantastic site that has an active message board, and a lot of instructional material, including videos.  Not to be missed.  Don't let the title fool you--the emphasis may be on Arabic ouds, but all aspects of the oud are dealt with.

The Oud Cafe  A lot of instructional material, and a message board. 

The Oud   Love it.  A great history of the oud, as well as a ton of instructional material.  Also includes a very nice gallery of rare ouds.

Andy Kasparian  A ton of oud links

Oud Web.  A lot of information on the oud itself, and on oudists.


Oud makers (luthiers)

Cengiz Sarikus.  Luthier, and also has an amazing collection of rare, antique ouds. 

Peter Kyvelos  An interview with one of the greatest oud makers of all time.

Dincer Dalkilic  Amazing ouds.  Has incredible step-by-step photographs of Dalkilic building an oud.

Viken Najarian  Great electric and traditional ouds.

Faruk Turunz.  Superb Turkish ouds.

Ain Arab  A step by step guide to making an oud. 



John Bilezikjian   This guy can play anything on the oud, and does so brilliantly.  Anything.  Armenian, Turkish, Arabic, Ladino, Spanish, Classical.  For my money, one of the all time greats.  Odds are, you have heard him and not even realized it.  He has played with Placido Domingo, Robert Palmer, Ofra Haza.  He has been guest soloist at the Boston Pops.  He has done a ton of motion picture soundtracks and television commercials.  But, when it comes to playing the music of the middle east, he is as authentic as anybody.   His music is not to be missed.  Also authored an instructional manual for the oud, which is available through his website.

Ara Dinkjian.  His new cd, An Armenian in America, is one of the most beautiful cds I have heard in years. 

John Vartan  Vartan is a multi-instrumentalist.  A heck of an oud player, but his talents don't stop there.   He also plays tar, kemenche, saz, and about another dozen instruments.   He also has a very good instructional video for the oud.  If you are learning to play, it is well worth picking up.

John Berberian  Amazing oud player. 

The Aravod Ensemble.  A really cool Armenian band out of Philly.  I picked up their cd, and love it. 

Antranig Kzirian  Also plays with Aravod (above), but has a couple of solo cds which you can pick up here. 


Music Theory/Sheet Music

Maqam World  An unbelievable amount of material on maqams Turkish sheet music, free  Turkish sheet music, free  Turkish sheet music, free


Middle Eastern Music/CDs

Traditional Crossroads  A heck of a music label. The archival remasters series is unbelievable.  The three Udi Hrant cds, the Udi Bacanos cd, Tanburi Cemil Bey, the list goes on and on.  So much incredible material is available on this label.  The classic Kef Time series with the great Richard Hagopian and Hachig Kazarian.   Marko Melkon, 2 cds of Tatyos Efendi. . .just too much to mention.

American Recording Productions  A lot of great middle eastern cds are available here

For pictures of ouds that I have made, or am in the process of making, click here.

Other   Not oud related, but this is another of my websites.  It details the history of a village in central Turkey. 



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Armenian Oud Makers A thru H

Armenian Oud Makers I thru M

Armenian Oud Makers N thru Z