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nariman abnoosian, MOre commonly known as  "Nariman Abnoosi" and simply "Nariman" (1923-1982)  Born in Saveh (south of Tehran, Iran).  Workshop based in Tehran.    Also made tanboors, saz, kanoons.  Not related to the oud player named Mansoor Nariman, who gave himself this name out of respect for the master oud maker.  To the right, a Nariman from 1962.  Among the most highly-respected of luthiers from Iran.  Photograph of Abnoosi, on right, courtesy

Additional photographs of Nariman ouds.

Mirican Agopyan (Hagopyan)  I am grateful to master luthier Cengiz Sarikis ( for the photographs of the Mirican Agopyan oud to the right, dated 1916.

Gregdire Apartijian from Kilis (Konya), Turkey.  Emigrated to Greece in the 1920s.  


Khatchik H. Atamian (1900?-?)  Istanbul based.    Photographs of Atamian oud to the right, dated 1926, courtesy Dr. Tufan Hicdonmez.  Additional pictures of Atamian ouds.

Artin Atikyan  Istanbul-based.   Example to right from 1936.  This  oud has a total of 13 strings--6 double strings, and a single bass string.  This is extremely uncommon today, and perhaps almost unheard of at that time.  The oud has not been modified in any way--it is completely original.  Slight discoloration below bridge where previous owner had label placed.  Ivory rosettes, tortoise shell mizrap guard.  Atikyan has placed two photographs of himself in the oud, and, above the top label there is an additional label stating that it was custom-made for Avedis Agacyan as a gift for Udi Nevres Bey.  Additional examples of Atikyan ouds

Baron Baronak (1834-1900).  Also made kemençes and tanburs.  Istanbul-based.   
Karnik Bayramian.  Uds dated 1911 and 1918 known to exist.  

karabet Der Bedrossian  (aka GARABED DER BEDROSIAN) Based in Damascus, Syria.  Outside of Onnik Karibyan, perhaps the most well-known of Armenian oud makers.  Not to be confused with Sumbat Der Bedrosian (see above), likely Karabet's father). 

Example to right has replaced bridge. 

Addtional examples of Karabet der Bedrosian ouds.


Sumbat der Bedrosian  Based in Damascus, Syria.  Photographs of the oud to the right are courtesy of Stefano Albarello.  Oud is dated 1944.

Additional examples of Sumbat der Bedrosian ouds.



ARMINAK DER BITROSSIAN  Oud from 1925 known to exist.  

Levon Bogosyan Gozenoglu (1900-1979)  Learned oud-making from Krikor Kahyayan.


Garabet Boyadjian.  Photographs of the oud to the right, from 1950, courtesy of Dr. Tufan Hicdonmez.



Bursali Sahak.  Photograph to the right, of Bursali Sahak oud dated 1902, courtesy master luthier Cengiz Sarikus at

Sarkis Chirikdjian Based in Yerevan, Armenia.  To the right, a Chirikdjian from 1963.  Photographs courtesy of Steve Bayne.


HAGOP CIMITIAN  Based in Beirut, Lebanon.  To the right, a Cimitian oud from 1965, courtesy of Ara Dinkjian (

Arsak Çomlekciyan (1880-1930)  Not an oud maker, but had ouds made and sold them under his company name.  Photograph to the right courtesy master luthier Cengiz Sarikus


Garabet DanielianTo the right, a Danielian from 1902, courtesy master luthier Cengiz Sarikus at

Agop (Hagop) Gurdikian  Photographs of 1920 Gurdikian, right, courtesy master luthier Cengiz Sarikus at    Mahogany and walnut ribs.


Michael Gurian  (1943--)  Legendary  guitar maker who made ouds early in his career (late 1960s, early 1970s).  At that time, New York-based.  
Mirican Hagopyan (see Agopyan)


Haik.  Based in Damascus, Syria.  Oud from 1924 known to exist.


Mgrdich Haskoylu (1875-?).  Based in Istanbul.  Also made kanuns.  Oud from 1900 known to exist.  

Artin Hatun.  Istanbul-based from 1929.  Photographs to the right courtesy Dr. Tufan Hicdonmez.



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Armenian Oud Makers A thru H

Armenian Oud Makers I thru M

Armenian Oud Makers N thru Z